Spacer, Valve Cover, Billet Aluminum - GX200, 6.5 OHV

Valve Cover Spacer allows roller rockers to clear Valve Cover Baffle. Tapped for pulse fitting to run fuel pumps or venting

Includes bolts, gasket, Pulse fitting, and Plug (if pulse fitting not needed)

Clear Plexi-glass Valve cover for GX200s and 6.5 Clones

Are you running some of our expensive Gage Full Roller Rocker Arms? They look amazing so why keep them covered? Fit one of our Clear Plexi Glass Rocker Covers to show them off.

Valve cover has 5/16" un-threaded hole drilled. Can be plugged, drilled out for pulse, or used for hose to breather
WARNING: If drilling out, use a step drill. Do not use a twist drill.

Pulse fitting, hose, or gasket NOT included. Pic is just for reference.

No Returns on this product, if you have questions about it, Please call before ordering.

Valve Cover, Billet Aluminum - GX200 & 6.5 Chinese OHV

High Quality Billet Valve cover for GX200s and 6.5 Clones

Includes Pulse fitting and bolts

Pic for reference only, Engraving may vary

Rocker Cover with Banjo Bolt.

Used for the take-off feed for vacume driven Fuel Pumps. Reduces oil pick up compared to the more traditional option of using the governor mechanism hole.