Clutch, Titan, 1" Minicup

The Titan Mini Cup Clutch is designed for GX270 & GX390 applications including karting, Mini-Bikes, & Mini-Cup Series of Racing. 1" counterbore for up to 18HP engines.

This computer-designed centrifugal clutch is the ultimate drum clutch for GX390s 13/15hp Chinese OHVs

It features:

Machined drum with interchangable sprockets for the ultimate in strength and alignment
Unique hub and shoe design for maximum power transmission
A shoe/spring/hub cartridge for quick easy set up changes
4-cycle - 1" counterbore - #35 chain

Clutch, Bully 4 Disc, 1"

Best clutch for high HP 390s, 1" Bore, In-board or Out-Board.

Clutch, Noram, Star, 1"

Driver (Sprocket), Bully Turbo 1", #35 Chain

Select 14 to 20T. #35 Chain, Fits Bully Turbos for 1" shafts

Manufacturer of driver may be Bully or other company depending on availability.

Drum, Noram, Star, 1"

Replacement drum for Noram Star

Product Specs:

1" Bore
#35 Chain
Bi-Directional (Inboard or Outboard)

Basket, Bully Clutch, 4 Disc (Turbo), Steel

Replacement Steel Basket for Bully Turbo Clutches (4 disk).

Disc, Friction, Bully Clutch, SMC (8 - tab)

Aftermarket Bully 8 Tab Disc

(picture for reference only)

Disc, Friction, Bully Clutch, OEM (8 - tab)

Genuine Bully 8 Tab Disc.